What Is IEO? Why to Participate in IEO on Emirex?

Participating in IEO is one of the valuable features available for all Emirex customers. In this article, we are going to disclose the essence of IEO, and explain why it is a good idea to participate in IEO on Emirex.

Last updated May 11, 2020


IEO is short for Initial Exchange Offering which is something like the next type of ICO evolution. Basically, if you see an IEO, it means that a company is launching a funding campaign that considers selling tokens on the platform of a specified exchange.


IEO is better than ICO due to several reasons:

  1. More transparency for investors. Investors deal only with projects that have passed KYC/AML procedure and examination of business model with the exchange they already trust.
  2. Regulations-friendly. During the IEO exchange provides a thorough KYC/AML check of all participants by default, so there are no chances tokens will be confiscated or burnt by the government in the future.
  3. Simple to participate. User can purchase project tokens on the exchange platform even if he has no crypto yet.
  4. Tokens are guaranteed to be listed. IEO tokens are listed and unlocked on the exchange soon after the IEO end. Thus, you have a place to store or trade them once the IEO is ended.
  5. Advanced Scam Protection. Unlike the ICO, in IEO it is hard for scammers to operate, as exchange provides an advanced KYC/AML procedure before allowing the project to distribute tokens.
  6. More options for investors. You can build an advanced investor’s profile participating in several IEOs on the Emirex exchange instead of participating in only one project. Considering, there are many users on Emirex participating in IEOs, each project has more chances to succeed, which is good both for participants and those who launch the project.
  7. Low entrance fee. Usually, there is no limit for those who want to participate in IEO, and even there is one imposed, it is less than $50. Thus, any user can try oneself in investing bringing low efforts and imposing low risks.

That is why, having a choice between crypto projects to invest in, choosing an IEO would be always a better decision than ICO.

Why Invests in IEOs on the Emirex?

On Emirex we provide an examination of the project’s whitepaper and AML/KYC check for the founders to ensure that they are not scammers, and that project has a durable business model. Along with all the necessary certificates and registry data, we also ask project runners to provide an advanced explanation of how the token will work, and how the project will return investments to their clients.

In case project founders manage to comply with all of our requirements, the IEO is launched on our website.


How IEO is Conducted on Emirex?

There are simple rules for the IEOs on Emirex:

  1. Project announces launch date for IEO.
  2. Prices, minimum/maximum purchase amount, and other specifications are pointed out on Project’s IEO page you can find on https://emirex.com/ieo.
  3. When you purchase tokens (coins, other assets provided by the projects), they are distributed to your account on Emirex and can remain locked until the IEO ends.
  4. IEO can consist of several rounds including public and private sales, the date of IEO can be modified out of concern for investors.

If you have any questions regarding IEOs, feel free to contact us on support@emirex.com. Or simply create a ticket via the form.


Emirex IEO is in progress – find out more about your investment opportunities.