What are the minimum requirements for my account password?

Last updated November 5, 2019


The minimum requirements for the password are:

  • min 1 digit
  • min 1 capital
  • min 8 characters

But you should remember: the more complex the password the better. Please use a mixture of lower and upper case letters adding symbols like «!» or «#» into your password. You should avoid using simple passwords like «a123456Z», passwords with famous quotes and passwords similar to those used on any other websites. Here is an example of a strong password: «Na3-#t8!5-56DF-@er1» (please do not use this exact password).


Tip: There is one more thing that can help you keep your account more secure. You should periodically change your password to a different one (around every 3 month).


For better security of your Emirex account, also enable 2-factor authentication (2FA)