Storj and iExec RLC Listed on Emirex

Last updated July 16, 2020


Today we are launching three new trading pairs with two new coins:


Storj is a decentralized system of distributed object storing, which keeps information encrypted. Storj is based on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocol in order to provide safe and efficient cloud storage. Besides that, the cloud storage company has issued its own Storj tokens (STORJ) similar to other cryptocurrencies. The main idea of the Storj coin is to allow users to lease unused space on a hard drive as a way to gain profit.

The company also offers two types of Storj wallets for cryptocurrency, one of which is based on blockchain and the second option is available at Freewallet. Storj mining happens when space on a hard drive is leased.


About RLC

RLC token is powered by iExec foundation. iExec is a distributed computing project based on the Ethereum platform and aims to build a secure and scalable decentralized virtual computing power platform.

The iExec platform is similar to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, but rather than having all the servers in one centralized location, it is broken up into thousands of nodes to allow for off-chain computing for blockchain applications.