🔝 Staking FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Emirex Staking program.

Last updated August 18, 2022


What is staking on Emirex?

The Emirex staking program allows users to multiply their capital by copying the trades of the artificial intelligence trading robots created by Emirex. 

Note: This has nothing to do with Proof-of-Stake, a consensus mechanism used to validate cryptocurrency transactions.

What do I need to stake funds?

To start multiplying your capital with the Emirex staking program, you only need to follow a few simple steps. You need to register an account on emirex.com, verify your account and deposit, or purchase one of the currencies available for staking. After that, you can go to the Earn - Staking section and select the staking program.

Where does the income come from?

The artificial intelligence trading robots created by Emirex generate revenue by trading cryptocurrencies. Users can participate in the income by copying the trades of the trading robots.

What are the advantages of Emirex trading robots?

Below are just some of the advantages of Emirex trading robots over humans:

  • Always online. Emirex trading robots work non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a speed unattainable by humans.
  • Lack of emotions. Emotions are one of the variables that can encourage traders to make poor trades. Emotionless machines have not heard of such a problem.
  • No human error. A trader, like any other human, can make mistakes. Emirex trading robots are not aware of the human factor.
  • Diversification. The ability to monitor and trade on several markets at once, which makes it possible to diversify risks.

What strategies do the Emirex trading robots use?

Emirex trading robots use proprietary trading strategies developed by professional traders specialising in cryptocurrency trading. For obvious reasons, the algorithms of Emirex trading robots are not disclosed.

On which platform do Emirex trading robots trade?

Emirex uses several top trading platforms, approaching the issue of choosing such platforms very carefully. Liquidity and security issues are one of the few things that the Emirex team pays attention to when choosing trading platforms.

How much can I earn?

You are guaranteed to receive the promised earnings on your staked amount. You can see the current staking percentage in your personal account when you go to the Earn - Staking section.

How is this percentage calculated?

The percentage that you see in the staking program in the Earn - Staking section is indicated in annual terms. For example, if you stake your funds for 1 month at 30% per annum, you can expect to receive 2,5% per month. 

Tip: It is worth noting that you can increase the annual percentage by reinvesting funds every month using the "Accrued yield" function. Returning to the example with 30% per annum, the effective yield in case of reinvestment can reach 34,49% per annum.

Are there any statistics on Emirex trading robots in the public domain?

Currently, statistics on the work of trading robots created by Emirex are not published. Emirex reserves the right not to disclose the income received by trading robots.

How can Emirex guarantee that I will return my staked amount with earnings?

In addition to the fact that our trading robots use stop-loss orders to avoid losses, Emirex also forms a reserve from the profits generated during the trading process, which allows Emirex to make payments to users in case of unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, the Emirex risk management team calculates the amount that can currently be staked by users so that the formed reserves cover potential drawdowns of trading robots. As soon as the staked amount exceeds the allowable rate, the stacking program is suspended for new users.

What is the minimum staking period?

The current minimum staking period is 1 month. 

Caution: It should be noted that if the user stops the staking program and wants to withdraw funds earlier than in a month, the accumulated income will be lost. Also for the second and subsequent months - the user loses the accumulated income for an incomplete part of the month.

What cryptocurrencies can I stake?

Currently, staking is available in USDT, USDC and BUSD coins. In the near future, Emirex plans to expand this list.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can stake?

The current min/max amount that can be staked is $50/$10,000.

Is Emirex a licensed investment fund?

Emirex is not an investment fund. The Emirex staking service does not imply the management of user funds, the latter only copy transactions made by Emirex artificial intelligence trading robots.

Do I sign any money management agreement with Emirex?

Since Emirex does not manage users' money, and the latter only copy transactions made by Emirex trading robots, no additional agreements are signed with the user. The main document regulating the relationship between Emirex and the user are the Terms of Use, with which the user agrees upon account registration.