🚩 My 2FA codes are not working (emirex.ee)

This article is helpful if the 2 FA codes you enter causes notification "OTP code is invalid" when trying to log in to your Emirex account.

Last updated August 26, 2021


There can be 3 reasons for this issue:


  1. Time settings mismatch within your device with the authentication app and computer you are trying to sign in from. 
  2. Expiration of 2FA code used for sign-in. 
  3. Wrong 2FA code entered. 

Time Settings Mismatch

If time settings on your computer and smartphone mismatch, you will get the wrong 2FA codes. Thus, you need to synchronize time settings on one of the devices. Check which device shows the wrong time depending on your time zone. Then set up the right time and date settings on that device following the guide below. 

To synchronize time on the Android smartphone in the Google Authenticator app:

  1. Enter Google Authenticator and tap the Options icon
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Time correction for codes
  4. Tap Sync now

To synchronize time for your PC:

Enter Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region>Date and Time 

Open the Internet Time tab and click on the Change settings button:



Make sure you have checked the Synchronize with an internet time server box and that server is time.windows.com. Press Update now and OK then. 



Press Apply and OK in the Date and Time window. 

Then make another attempt to sign in with your 2FA code. 

Expiration of 2FA Code

Each code you see in the Google Authenticator is valid only for 30 seconds. Afterward, the code expires and is replaced with a new one. Make sure you manage to enter the code displayed in the GA app on time. 


On the screenshot below you can see the 2FA code that has almost expired. 




On this screenshot, you can see the 2FA code that has been just generated. 



Wrong 2FA Code Entered

If you have several accounts on Emirex or you have changed the description of the 2FA code in the Google Authenticator app, you may enter a 2FA code from the wrong account. The GA code for 2FA authorization for Emirex accounts looks like this by default: 




Note: Emirex - the name of the platform, jason.statham@gmail.com - the email address you used to sign up in Emirex. 


When you enter the code, please make sure you use the code from the corresponding account. 


If you still struggle to log in with your 2FA after using tips in this article, please contact our support service on submitting a ticket page.