How to withdraw funds to a bank card? (

Step-by-step guide about how to withdraw funds to bank cards (VISA/MasterCard, USD/EUR)

Withdrawal of funds to a bank card is possible in two currencies: USD and EUR.
Plastic cards of two payment systems are supported at the moment: VISA and MasterCard

How to withdraw funds to a bank card?

  1. Log in to your account on the exchange:
  2. Go to Assets -> Deposit & Withdraw, select the required currency from the list on the left side (USD / EUR)
  3. Go to the Withdraw tab
  4. For the first withdrawal of funds, you must add and confirm a bank card. Click on the +Add card button, then enter the 2FA codewithdraw-02
  5. Now we have a step of confirming the bank card. Fill in the required fields with your card details (number, expiration date and CVV code), click on the Process Payment buttonwithdraw-03
    1. In most cases, the transaction must be confirmed via mobile banking or SMS (depending on your bank ) - so check your APP and approve payment request
    2. The amount of 1 USD/EUR will be temporarily blocked on your card, after a while the amount will be unblocked
    3. If everything went well, you will receive a notification that the card has been successfully added.
  6. On the Withdraw tab, the added card will appear in the list of cards:withdraw-04
  7. Select the required card, in the field below, indicate the withdrawal amount. Below this field, you will see the automatic calculation of the fee and the amount to be received.
  8. If everything suits you, click the Request Withdrawal button
  9. Enter the 2FA code and click Confirm Witdrawalwithdraw-06
  10. If operation is successful, you will see a Withdrawal Submitted notificationwithdraw-07
  11. Click the Done button
  12. It's done - your withdrwal request funds to a bank card has been sent for processing, you will receive your funds soon.

Please note that the card you use to withdraw funds must be personally yours and the name on the card must exactly match the name that appears in your account.

Actual fees is here: Fees Structure

If you meet any difficulties, please let us know, we will help. Use the chatbox to contact us online or submit a ticket: