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πŸ” How to triple the number of chances to win in Emirex Referral Giveaway

How to triple the number of your tickets

Last updated December 31, 2019


Would you like to triple the number of your tickets and thrice the number of chances of winning amazing crypto prizes? If so, here’s what you need to do:


1. Get one additional direct ticket by topping up your Emirex exchange account balance in any of the listed currencies for an amount equal to $50.


2. Tip: Triple the number of your tickets by purchasing EMRX at the IEO at a fixed price of 0.4 USDT per token.

For instance, you have 1000 USDT on your balance and 20 direct tickets. By purchasing EMRX tokens at IEO for the entire 1000 USDT, you get 60 direct tickets


3. Thrice the number of lucky chances of winning in Referral Giveaway. 


Have a great beginning of the New Year with chances to get free crypto-assets in your wallet that you can spend on holiday present for your loved ones or yourself!