How to Participate in Silicon X IEO on Emirex?

In this guide, we are going to disclose how to participate in Silicon X IEO held on Emirex.

Last updated August 27, 2021


It is simple to participate in Silicon X IEO on Emirex.

Go to section for participation in Silicon X IEO 

Then you need to log in on an Emirex account or if you don't have it, please create it.

How to create a new account on Emirex is written here



Note: You can find all the information about the project, the address of the project website, and links to social networks on the IEO page of the project.


Note: for participation in IEO, you have to pass verification on Emirex and get at least the Starter level.

How to verify your identity is written here


After passing verification and getting Starter level, login into your Emirex account on the Silicon X IEO  page, enter the number of tokens/coins you would like to purchase and proceed with clicking on the BUY button:

The price per token/coin is specified in the Price per unit field:

As you can see SNXT token now makes 0.19 USDT


Note: There are zero fees for purchasing SNTX tokens on IEO.


The Total line shows the sum you need to complete the purchase:

Then press BUY. 

Tokens will be credited to your wallet on Emirex. 

Note: Tokens/coins purchased on Silicon X IEO are locked until the end of the IEO.


If you have any questions regarding IEOs, feel free to contact us at Or simply create a ticket via the form.