How To Increase Income From Emirex DeFi With EMRX Tokens?

Emirex DeFi is developed to provide users with the opportunity to earn income by investing in the most effective DeFi projects. However, users can get even more if they have EMRX tokens on the balance.

Last updated September 24, 2020


EMRX tokens can be used to increase your yield from Emirex DeFi Product. When you request making an investment to Emirex DeFi, you also need at least 50 EMRX tokens to lock-up for investment activation, and you can lock-up more EMRX tokens to increase your interest rate. The more EMRX tokens you lock-up for the DeFi investment, the higher is the interest rate bonus to your earnings. 


Income interest

rate increase

Quantity of EMRX



500 EMRX


1 000 EMRX


2 500 EMRX


10 000 EMRX



Example: You make a DeFi investment of 5000 USDT, and in 6 months your estimated return is 34%, which makes 1700 USDT. However, if you have locked-up 1000 EMRX, your income gains a +10% interest rate bonus, which means you make 1870 USDT instead of 1700 USDT, which is 170 USDT (10%) more. 


Things to know about EMRX tokens for DeFi investment: 

  • The interest rate bonus generated by already locked-up EMRX tokens is eligible for all investments made after EMRX tokens were locked-up.
  • User can withdraw locked-up EMRX tokens anytime unless they are currently used for the DeFi investments made by the user. Locked-up tokens that are used for the active investments can be withdrawn only after closing that active investment.  
  • Tokens get locked-up for Emirex DeFi and generate interest rate bonus for the investments only after the user’s request to lock-up them for DeFi.