How to deposit EUR via International Wire (SWIFT) to your Emirex account (

Here you will find an instruction on how to make a deposit on Emirex via SWIFT transfer quickly and safely

Last updated June 15, 2021


Note: If you are a resident of SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), you should make a SEPA transfer in order to fund your account with EUR.


Depositing fiat into your Emirex account consists of several steps and requires careful handling. Read this manual thoroughly to prevent delays in transferring your funds.


Caution: If you mistakenly sent a SWIFT transfer within the SEPA zone (use SWIFT IBAN instead of SEPA IBAN for EUR depositing), an additional fee is charged for manual processing of the transfer.


For example, you would like to fund your Emirex account with EUR. Here is how you can do it. 


1. Log into your Emirex account and click on «Assets» - «Deposit & Withdraw» on the top of the page.



2. Choose "EUR"



3. Click "Deposit". From the options on the top of the form, select the "Bank transfer" option.




Caution: Make sure that the name on the bank account from which you are making a deposit matches the name on your Emirex account. Otherwise, your transfer will be returned back, and a transfer fee will be charged.


4. Initiate a Wire transfer from your bank using the given bank details and your personal reference code. Do not add anything other than your reference code in the transfer's message.


                       How to deposit fiat via International Wire (SWIFT) to your Emirex account


Caution: Always mention your reference code during the transfer. If you do not mention it, the processing of the transfer may take much longer than the specified period. 


If you have made a deposit and it has not been credited to your Emirex account after 10 business days, contact us on