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How can I get free EMRX Tokens?

You can get free tokens through Airdrop

Last updated December 10, 2019


We are currently running an airdrop program which gives you a good chance to get free EMRX tokens.


Note: You can get all the information about Emirex Bounty program in the Telegram chat https://t.me/EmirexBounty


You will automatically receive earned tokens to your balance on the Emirex platform within 1 month after the end of Emirex IEO. We plan to finish the IEO in January (this date may change).


We have your email address, it's enough for us to send you the tokens. We don't need your ETH or any other address. You will be able to withdraw from the Emirex website account to your personal account later.


Note: If we find any suspicious activity - we will ask you to send your ID.


Before distributing tokens, we will verify your details and may recalculate your reward. Follow the rules if you want to get tokens.