🚩 Emirex Airdrop FAQ

You can see your EMRX tokens reward in your account on EMRX wallet. Unfortunately, not everyone met the mandatory requirements. Thus, we were forced to delist those participants from the reward list to be fair to the rest of the community and stick to the stated rules. 

Why My Tokens Are Locked?

To get your tokens unlocked successfully, you have to keep following our social media channels (the mandatory ones during the airdrop). Once the “unlock event” takes place, only those who meet this requirement will get their tokens unlocked.


Don't forget that EMRX token has been increasing in price consistently over the last six months and such distribution of tokens is consistent with the continued expected growth.
As we are progressing as per our roadmap the overall development will increase the intrinsic value of the project. Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

I Participated in Emirex Airdrop But Did Not Get My Tokens

Those customers who:

  • used more than 1 account to abuse the referral system
  • got referrals through the purchase
  • haven't registered on Emirex
  • submitted a fake email to the airdrop bot, without registering on Emirex
  • have left @emirex_official or @emirex_official_chat or were banned in the group
  • submitted their details to the bot after the airdrop was over (January 12, 2020)

Were excluded from the distribution and will not get any tokens. Regardless of whether they send a request to our support or not.
If you believe that you completed all the necessary tasks on time and do not fall under the conditions above, please send a request to @tatyana_online with the following information:
1) telegram username of the account that you used to interact with the airdrop bot
2) email address that you submitted to the bot (must be registered on Emirex)
3) screenshot of your balance in the airdrop bot (before January 12, 2020)
4) your selfie with a piece of paper with your Telegram username and email address written on it

* We may also ask you to pass a KYC procedure
** All information you send to us is confidential and not subject to disclosure

All requests will be processed and tokens will be sent to honest participants before April 7, 2020.