🚩 Emirex Trading Guide (emirex.ee)

Here you will find detailed information on how to trade on Emirex

Last updated March 1, 2020


Emirex is constantly adding new trading pairs on the platform - you can see the list of coins you buy-sell on our trading platform in Markets section

All trading activities are performed on Emirex trading interface

How to Make Trade Orders?

Scroll down to the trade orders sections.

                                     Emirex Trading Guide

Choose the type of order you want to create. 

                                                       Emirex Trading Guide

Currently, there are two types of orders you can make: 

  • Limit order 
  • Market order

Limit Order

A limit order is a type of order to purchase or sell a coin at a specified price or better. For buy limit orders, the order will be executed only at the limit price or a lower one, while for sell limit orders, the order will be executed only at the limit price or a higher one


                                       Emirex Trading Guide

On this screenshot there is made a limit order - you order to buy up to 2 BTC if the price is less than 29000 AED

Market Order

It is an order to buy or sell a coin immediately. This type of order guarantees that the order will be executed, but does not guarantee the execution price. A market order generally will execute at or near the current bid (for a sell order) or ask (for a buy order) price.

Note: However, it is important for investors to remember that the last-traded price is not necessarily the price at which a market order will be execute.



                                      Emirex Trading Guide
At this screenshot, you agree to purchase 2 BTC at any market price

Trade Order Interface

After you choose an order type, you can set up the purchase on 25%/50%/75%/100% of your balance. 

                                                        Emirex Trading Guide

After you choose the order type and specify the number of coins you want to buy, you can press the BUY/SELL button to complete the order. 

Trading Graph Overview

On the trading graph you can:

  • track change of the price

    Emirex Trading Guide                                                                                                                                                          
  • use different indicators to analyze price change and make trading decisions

        Emirex Trading Guide

  • compare price change of different coins

        Emirex Trading Guide

  • change the trading pair

                                     Emirex Trading Guide

  • use different tools for Technical analysis 

                                                                     Emirex Trading Guide 

How to See Orders and Trade History? 

You can see orders history in the Orders section of the main menu. 

Emirex Trading Guide

You also can see orders and trade hitory in the trade interface is you scroll down. Here you can see both market and your own trade history. 

Emirex Trading Guide

That's all, now you are ready for your first trade on Emirex!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on support@emirex.com. We are here to help!