Delisting Notification on Emirex (

Dear Customer, 

At Emirex, we periodically review each digital asset we list to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard we expect. When a coin or token no longer meets this standard, or the industry changes, we conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it. We believe this best protects all our users.

When we conduct these reviews, we consider a variety of factors. Here are some that drive whether we decide to delist a digital asset:

  • Commitment of team to project
  • Level and quality of development activity
  • Trading volume and liquidity
  • Stability and safety of network from attacks
  • Network / smart contract stability
  • Level of public communication
  • Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence requests
  • Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct or negligence.
  • Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

As a result, trading pair: 


will be delisted on February 14, 2022.

And token:


will be delisted on February 14, 2022.

In case user does not withdraw/trade token PUT till the delisting date, it will be automatically exchanged to USDT.